Logistics for Splash: 10 Things You Need to Know

We are so excited about Splash, and we simply cannot wait to meet you all. Here are a few things you need to know as you get ready to come to Splash. Please read through this entire message, as it contains many important pieces of information concerning participation in Splash.

i. Liability waiver: It is imperative that you bring your signed liability waiver with you on Saturday. Without this, we will not be able to allow you to participate in the program. You can find and download the liability waver from the Splash webpage. We will have some extra copies printed out in case you are unable to print it.

Direct link to form is here: Liability Waiver

ii. Registration fee: Unless you have requested a fee waiver, please remember to bring your $10 registration fee. Cash is STRONGLY preferred.

iii. All students should be dropped off at the Science Center at Amherst College for check in. To find the building please refer to the Amherst College map. We will be in the lounge area.

iv. Check in begins at 8:15am on Saturday. Students should arrive by 9:00am at the latest so that they can be checked in in time for orientation. Students who arrive after 9:30am should find us in E108. Refer to the map to locate the science center.

v. Pick up: Pick up location will be in the lobby of the Science Center starting at 3:30pm. All students will remain in the building until their guardians arrive to pick them up. For liability reasons, we will NOT allow students to leave Splash unaccompanied by an adult unless explicitly stated by legal guardian. Students may leave early from program if given notice ahead of time.

Guardians: Please plan to pick up your ward(s) latest by 4pm. If they will need to leave Splash unaccompanied by an adult, please indicate by writing a signed note to that effect on the back of the liability waiver.

vi. Parking: There are a number of places to park, including the Converse Lot, Freshman Quad, Noah Webster Circle, Cohan Lot, Admissions office, etc. Please refer to the Directions page to find out more about parking and driving directions: College Directions

vii. What to bring: Yourself! All materials will be provided for.

viii. Lunch: Pizza and juice will be provided. If you think you will need them, you may also bring some snacks of your own. If you have dietary restrictions, let us know ASAP.

For any further questions, please contact us by email at amherstsplash@gmail.com

See you on Saturday!

Best, The Amherst Splash Team

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