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A454: Basics of Knitting
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Leah Kim

To learn the basics of knitting and how to successfully knit 2 types of stitches.


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H450: Propaganda
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Thomas Brodey

Ever since the creation of the state, governments and organizations have used propaganda to influence public opinion. But what exactly is propaganda? In what different ways has it been used over the years? What makes it effective? Is it inherently immoral? Get ready to learn about and discuss all these topics and more.


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L464: Lunch Period
Difficulty: None

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends! Please register for at least one lunch period on each day of the program.

Math & Computer Science

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M447: Just How Big Is Infinity?
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Benjamin Feinland

Has it ever annoyed you when a teacher says something "approaches infinity?" Have you ever wanted to know what happens when you actually get there? In this class we will see what makes infinity different from other numbers and explore some of its strange properties.

-Algebra II or equivalent -Some basic calculus will be helpful but definitely not required


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S449: A Quick Tour of Fundamental Particles Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kai Ellers

On the smallest scales, the world around us is made up of a dazzling assortment of fundamental particles, which we believe cannot themselves be broken up into smaller parts. Though these particles are unimaginably tiny, we can still study their properties and interactions both through direct experiment and by calculations, and a large part of physics is dedicated to this study. Even without any prior knowledge of physics, however, we can categorize fundamental particles based on just a few properties, and learn about the roles played by a few of the most important particles in making up our world. If this sounds like a fascinating idea, then Fundamental Particles is the right class for you! No prior knowledge required.

S453: Psychology of Motivation
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Emily Duryea

This psychology course will explore the topic of motivation. Content will include types of motivation and cognitive theories of motivation. Students will then apply what they have learned to develop useful skills involving motivation (such as time management and goal setting).

There are no prerequisites; however, taking a course in psychology may be helpful.

S460: Household Science Experiments
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Anna Makar-Limanov

Like science? Like having fun?

You've come to the right place!

We will be doing some simple and safe science experiments (penny chemistry, DIY invisible ink, and more)

S458: Acids and Bases
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Laboni Hoque

Learn about the basics of acids and bases, and make some colorful indicators in this class!

S457: Intro to Neuroscience
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Yohan Auguste

This class will start broadly to introduce students to the different branches of neuroscience. Basic brain structures will be overviewed, before diving into the main part of the class: electrophysiology. We will discover what is biochemically required for a neuron (a crucial brain cell) to carry an electric signal, and characterize its function through electrical diagrams and mathematical equations.

Basic knowledge of cell structure (i.e. simple characteristics of cell membranes and proteins) Basic algebra

S448: PAWesome Job: To Become a Vet
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sean Garcia

Have a passion for medicine? Want to work with animals from dogs and cats to lions and elephants? Curious about what your beloved pet experiences at the clinic? Becoming a veterinarian is a fun, awesome but long journey. If you're interested in learning about animal medicine, but don't know too much about it, don't worry, we've all been there!

Here, I'll talk to you about the things to consider if you're interested in becoming a vet, the road to getting experience, the sweet experiences you can have working with animals, and many more things related to veterinary medicine!

S465: Intro to Organic Chemistry
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Yohan Auguste

In this course we will be learning the common functional groups and the naming conventions in order to make the field more accessible. With this foundation, we will explore structural elements that lead to the exciting reactions that happen in organic chemistry.

Basic understanding of atoms, octet rules, and electronegativity.


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X456: Ingenuity: Making the Most Of What We Have Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Linh Le

Have you ever wished that you had the power to eradicate diseases, gun violence, poverty, and the like, to make our world a better place? Have you ever thought that the scope of the world inequalities is too astronomical that we have no luck of fixing our problems? In this session, we will look at examples of extraordinary humans unleashing their ingenuity to promote social justice! We will then think about the ways in which we could make our contributions using what is available to us. After all, not all heroes wear capes.

X455: Sounds of Arabic
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Sabir Meah

Learn the unique sounds of the Arabic alphabet, a few basic Arabic sayings, and how to say and write your name in Arabic! (No prior knowledge assumed)

X459: Standardized Test Prep
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Nate Manwell

Become a pro at the SAT, ACT, and any other standardized test with tips from me!

X451: Changing your Diet to Change the World
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sean Garcia

Everyone has heard about vegetarian and veganism, but sometimes the ideas behind these diets and lifestyles are misunderstood.

In this crash course, you'll learn about
1) all types of animal-reduced diets and lifestyles
2) the many benefits to yourself, to the animals, and to the world when you reduce how many animal products you use
3) what sort of nutrients and vitamins you need to make sure you continue to get
4) the many outstanding vegetarians and vegans that show that you can be compassionate and not sacrifice fun, good food and good company. Yes, there are vegan bodybuilders!

Come munch on some yummy treats and learn what you can do to help our world become a better place!

X452: How to Say No
Difficulty: *

This course is designed to teach older high-school students how to say no and identify & set boundaries in professional contexts such as with employers and professors. High-school students grow up and are never given the opportunity to set boundaries in ways that are constructive. This is an essential life skill. This course is an interactive discussion with activities.

Being alive

X461: Indigenous Environmental Justice and Resistance
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Erika Zambrano

This class will focus on the current resistance efforts of indigenous Lumad communities in the Philippines who are resisting extractive mining industries and martial law under the Duterte regime.
Come hear stories from the frontlines of environmental resistance and how you can support these communities. We will raffle off beadwork made by indigenous women and girls.