I can't add classes to my schedule. Help?

The schedule is set up such that each student has to sign up for lunch first before choosing other classes. So, when you get to the registration page (which comes up right after creating a profile), the first time block you should click on to choose a class should be "Sat 12:20–1:15", which is the time slot for lunch. It will take you to a page where you should click "add this class" under the description for lunch. Then, it takes you back to the registration page with all the other time slots where you can then add your choice of classes for each block.

You always want to add the class, not by clicking on the description box, but by clicking on the "add this class" option under the the description. And after adding your class choice for each time block, you want to go back to the registration page that has all the time blocks listed in order to add more classes.

I'm a parent and the website is not letting me register my child for courses. Help?

If you're a parent and have created a parent profile, you will NOT be able to sign your children up for classes through your profile. You (or your child) will need to create a student profile. Students can only register for Splash courses via student profiles.

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